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Pee Wees - KYF 6 - Tranquillity 0

Juniors - KYF 42 - Tranquillity 0

Seniors - KYF 34 - Tranquillity 14

Watch For Videos Starting Aug. 30

We are SOOO close - only once before have two videos gone over the 200 views mark… and then it was actually quite spectacular… the KYF vs Chowchilla overtime win a few years ago neared 500 views.  But this week… it’s not bad… the SR’s are already over 200 and all three other teams are VERY close.  Thank you KYF Fans - I can assure you that the KYF players appreciate your support VERY much.

(BREAKING NEWS) - This morning, Sept. 4th, all four highlight videos have gone over 200 views… the first time this has happened since this site began some 8 years ago!  Congratulation KYF FANS - #1 In Tri-County if not the Nation.

KYF Would Like To Remind Our Fans:

Kerman Youth Football promotes good sportsmanship by student athletes, coaches and spectators.  We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner.  Profanity, racial or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition.

Kerman Youth Football requests that you refrain from throwing objects, entering the field or disrupting the game in any manner.  Anyone violating this request or any other request made by Kerman Youth Football Representatives will be subject to removal from the stadium.  Thank You.

Do your part to ensure a family atmosphere and be mindful of those around you by refraining from derogatory and abusive language.  Also, if you witness any inappropriate behavior, please report it to the nearest Kerman Youth Football Representatives.  Kerman Youth Football strives to make your football experience an enjoyable and memorable one and remember to Be Loud…Be Proud…Cheer with Class.

2015 HAS BEGUN !

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