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All Things Must Come To An End - 

Well, except KYF football. 

But I'm not getting any younger, and I have reached a time when even though the mind remains vigorous the body grows weary.  And thus - I have filmed my last 'entire season' and will not be providing videos for all the games this year, 2019.  I do plan to keep the site up and running with information, perhaps a video or two here and there, but the workload is just too great for me to continue with 5-6 game videos each week.

It's been a fantastic run!  And I can't express how rewarding it has been for me.  I can't recall which year I began this project although I do know it was the year after our Pee Wee's Won the Tri-County Championship.. perhaps 10-12 years ago?  The number of great games, performances, I have witnessed over the years, (and you have witnessed as well), are innumerable.  

I bow out with sadness, but also with everlasting gratitude to all of you who have supported this website and KYF for all these years.   And I also bow out with joy that KYF, in all it's glory, continues.  

Times have changed - and with instant videos now available to all KYF fans I retire comforted in the knowledge that there will be no shortage of videos this year and in all the years to come.  

I will be adding 'Vintage Videos' from year's past during this season if you'd care to re-live the glory of years gone by - and in this update I am going to include one of the most most spectacular games in KYF history - I promise you it will bring tears to your eyes.

And with that I find myself unable to adequately express my gratitude to one and all… and can only say, from my heart - Thank You Everyone, Thank You.  GO KYF!

KYF's 2013 Overtime Victory over Chowchilla

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Dec 2, 2018


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