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Thanks To Joey Rocha

My thanks to Mr. Rocha for providing the photos for our new 2015 page banner.  Be sure to contact Mr. Rocha for all your photography needs!

Also Thanks To Francine, Efrain, and Mark for the photos in the slideshow below.  Want your photos exhibited here?  Send them my way here:

KYF Photos

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Opening Day !

You Could Feel The Excitement In The Air - 

With Spirit packs issued over 100 Kerman athletes stepped onto the practice fields at Rotary Park in hopes of making the final roster on one of the KYF 2015 Football Teams.  

2015 KYF Opening Day II

THANKS - To Francine Velez for the photographs.  Efrain Guizar got it all started by addressing both the players and fans - applause was raucus and loud as KYF began it’s 2015 journey.  Kerman High’s Head Coach Taylor was in attendance to the appreciation of everyone there.  For everyone the spirit of ONE TOWN - ONE TEAM - ONE DREAM had begun.

2015 KYF Opening Day

Soon your KYF coaches led by Head Coaches John Chambers - MM’s; Chris Melgoza - PW’s, Anthony Garcia - JR’s, and Efrain Guizar - SR’s had their teams on the practice field for warmups and drills.  

Sign-up’s were outstanding with the MM’s, PW’s, and JR’s all fielding 40+ players each.  The SR’s came into tonight with only 18 players signed up but a count on the field showed that approximately 27 actually took the field - meaning all four teams are MORE than ready to make 2015 a rowsing success.

So I guess that leaves me with only one other further - ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL ? 

2015 HAS BEGUN !

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